Epic Nutrition Series


When I was asked to be part of a crew for an Epic endurance challenge this fall, I almost jumped out of my seat. The challenge, which consists of 5 full Iron Distance Triathlons on 5 Hawaiian islands, finishing in under a week is only entered into by some of the most talented, hardest-training athletes in the world. In it’s seventh year running, Epic5 accepts a maximum capacity of only 12 athletes per year – divided into 2 sessions. This year, 10 athletes competed (and finished!) in the May 2017 session and 9 athletes are registered for September 2017 session.

To have an opportunity to be a nutrition consultant for an ultra-endurance athlete is an amazing opportunity and an ultimate test of my knowledge, as last year, I chose to focus my nutrition research and education in the athletic space.

Participating in a rigorous training schedule and 5-day IM event requires special attention to micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrient (carbs, protein and fat) levels.  I will provide recipes and resources to guide you in your own epic adventure.

Over the next few months, let me take you on an Epic Nutrition Adventure, beginning with important supplement recommendations, pantry staples and how to navigate sports nutrition products.

Stay tuned!




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