Willpower: Can it be strengthened?

Recently, someone mentioned that they don’t have my willpower and it’s preventing them from eating healthy.   I thought about this a lot.  Two thoughts coincided in my mind.  First, it’s not a superpower of mine. I struggle just as the next person with the decision of eating chocolate cake with chocolate icing that is offered to me – our brains are wired to do so. Second, I usually have a strategy in place:  always have healthy options.  It doesn’t mean I choose them every time, but having a plan — whether cooking/baking ahead on Sundays or stocking my car/purse/backpack with packets of nut butter and seeds so that I have food available ensures I have healthy options, in case I feel hungry. So what can you do?   Identify your weak areas – is it the office, home, in the car? Where are you consuming these high sugar/high trans fat laden goods?  Who are you consuming them with? Strategize and create a plan. If you’re office has temptations, have some healthy food options available instead.  When you satiate your body with nourishing nutrients, you will feel less likely to eat a few donuts with your coworkers.   Another option at the office – bring your own goodies!  I love baking muffins and pies with healthy ingredients (often swapping applesauce for sugar) so that I can have a satisfying snack.  Create a small group within your office of home-baked goods and make it a group goal to eat healthier foods.  And home? Don’t keep refined sweets at home. You are much more likely to consume these if you’ve had a bad...

Boosting Anti-Inflammatory Food Intake

  One of my most important diet recommendations is increasing anti-inflammatory foods. This concept is important for everyone.   Why? Chronic Inflammation is associated with many diseases. Heart disease, asthma, cancer, obesity, thyroid, dental issues.. The list goes on. High inflammation in the body is at the root of all these conditions. Chronic inflammation increases recovery time. Whether chronic stress is imposed by food, a life event, illness or athletic activity, your body needs time to heal. If you have chronic inflammation in your body, it will take longer to recover. (Athletes: Shorter recovery time means better results and more effective training days!) How can you get more anti-inflammatory foods in your diet? Saute veggies/meats in coconut oil. Bake wild-caught salmon for dinner. Make a smoothie with dark, leafy greens. Add turmeric, cinnamon and cloves to dishes. Dilute ¼ cup tart cherry juice with pure water. Eat less-processed foods (avoid refined sugar/flours). Reducing or eliminating inflammation-causing foods and increasing anti-inflammatory foods can have a positively profound effect on your life.  Looking for more anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet? Click here.    ...
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